November 30th, 2012

Where Godses tend to be Gandhians

JAMMU: Law takes its course against every act of terrorism across the world but it is ‘chorus’ that takes over the law in India, especially the terror infested state of Jammu and Kashmir.
A US Court is all set to pronounce sentence against American born Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist David Hadley for his involvement in 26/11 Mumbai attacks in January. This is how a nation pursues criminals to punish them for the crimes committed against its subjects. In a fast track judicial process, spanning over less than two years, the terrorists are poised to meet their fate.
Hadley, who conducted reconnaissance of all the targets in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks for Lashker-e-Taiba, has pleaded guilty of the charges for plotting conspiracy to bomb targets in Mumbai, providing material support to terror group LeT and aiding and abetting the murder of US citizens in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The charges have been framed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Early this year, Ghulam Nabi Fai, a US-based Kashmiri activist who for years propagated the Pakistani line on the Kashmir issue while being on Islamabad’s payroll, was sentenced to two years in prison by a US Court on charges of illegally working for ISI.
If US can chase till finish its targets for harming Americans across the world or working against its interests, what is stopping India to proceed against those who took pride in killing thousands of people, including soldiers and civilians, in Jammu and Kashmir and across the country during past two decades? The terror attacks in Mumbai, Delhi or any other city of India are essentially linked with the so-called Kashmir issue that has been a motivating force for all terror outfits across the borders or within to attack Indian symbols.
Islamabad has been openly aiding and abetting terrorism under the guise of so-called movement in Kashmir. Terror camps continue to operate in PoK where recruits are trained and strategies drawn to inflict cuts and scars on the body physique of India. Paki ultras and over ground agents are openly preaching secession in Kashmir, challenging the authority of India and subjecting its symbols to gruesome mutilation.
No doubt, the valiant Indian forces have marginalised Islamabad’s high voltage terror campaign and pushed the war of terrorism in the opposite camp, what has been the response of the civilian administration?
On diplomatic front, India can be seen desperately trying to mend fences with a monstrous neighbour and on the administrative front it lacks will and determination to take on those who have committed heinous crimes against the nation. One wonders why the law enforcing agencies have so far failed to prosecute or seek punishments for those booked under various offences ranging from murder to sedition. If the US can eliminate Osama bin Laden in his rat hole deep into the Pak territory or legally punish Fai, Hadley or Rana, what is stopping the administration in nailing high profile offenders in Kashmir, roaming freely across the globe despite serious charges against them.
Hadley could have faced death on charges of conspiracy to bomb public places in India and six counts of murdering US nationals in India but he escaped it by entering into a plea bargaining with the FBI under which he will cooperate with their investigation of terrorist activities. Almost similar is the case of Yasin Malik, the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front who is facing the charges of killing six Indian Air Force personnel at Rawalpora Srinagar in January 1990. He has admitted in an interview to India Today on 9th May 2000 that he was instrumental in the abduction of Rubayia Sayeed, daughter of the then Union Home Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed. He is virtually responsible for igniting Kashmir into flames. He has lately been charged in a Hawala racket after his associate was held in Kud with 70,000 US Dollars meant for distributing among terrorists. With all these charges, what makes him to be so special for weak Indian authorities?
An extortionist, a killer and an abductor, who ought to have been in a solitary cell in some jail waiting to meet his fate for the crimes committed, is touring globally to campaign for a cause that is detrimental to the sovereignty of nation. Despite his criminal record, he is holding an Indian passport which is a dream for thousands of innocent Kashmiris whose distant relatives have had any connection with militancy or terrorism.
Instead of pleading a punishment for the offender, the who’s who of the Indian civil society and track two diplomats have been vying each other to have an audience with him which he has been contemptuously declining. When the clout is so high, who is going to pursue the charges pending against him?
It is not the case of Yasin Malik alone. He is one of the hundreds pampered cases in Kashmir who have been mocking at justice system. And, irony of all this is that the criminal like Malik is being projected by pseudo-activists as a ‘man of peace’. Some enthusiasts even describe him a Gandhian. God save this nation.

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