February 15th, 2013

Shooting of ‘Ek Sarkari Joota’ begins

JAMMU: Hanging of Afzal Guru might have affected the atmosphere of Valley but the City of Temples remains peaceful as people are busy in routine daily life. Taking advantage of the peaceful atmosphere of the city, shooting of new film ‘Ek Sarkari Joota’ started with enthusiasm. RKF and AMP COMBINE in association with Dream Merchant films picturized scenes at Mubarak Mandi and some other city locations.
Producer of the Film, Tariq Khan disclosed that location of new film Ek Sarkari joota were selected in December 2012. Now the crew of the film has started shooting in city locations. Despite latest development after hanging of Afzal Guru, atmosphere of Jammu is quite peaceful. Members of the shooting team are doing their work freely and didn’t feel any insecurity. Bollywood actor Raghuvir Yadav and Vicky Donar fame Dolly Ahluwalia shot their scenes at historic Mubarak Mandi and Hari Theatre.
People of adjoining Mubarak Mandi area enjoyed the shooting of Ek Sarkari Joota.As both producer and director of the film are local youths, they also give chance to people in some shots of film. Youths got autographs from Raghuvir Yadav and Dolly Ahluwalia.Both the senior actors didn’t hesitate to pose for photographs and share light moments with local people.
Rahat Kazmi said that the story of the film is written by another Jammu based youth Sanjay Amar. Earlier these Jammu based youths had completed their film Identity Card on Jammu Kashmir situation. Crew member of the film celebrated the birthday  of Tariq Khan at Mubarak Mandi where shooting was in progress. Raghuvir Yadav, Furkan Merchant in main lead, Babita Bag, Manini De, Barjinder Kala among other Bollywood actors were also present on this occasion. Some more scenes of the film would be picturised in interior of city locations. Police persons were also deployed for hassle free shooting.

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