February 20th, 2012

Satguru Madhu Paramhans delivers religious discourses

JAMMU: With nectarine showers of spiritualism, Satguru Madhu Param Hans ji, the spiritual head of Sahib Bandgi Panth, during his spiritual discourse at Satwari Chowk, Jammu said that like the commonly known genetic there is spiritual genetic and spiritual play that can help Jiva attain that Supreme State.
In his lecture he said that a doctor has the capability to help anyone to become a doctor and an engineer has the capability to make an engineer not in moments but after 4-5 years to acquire  the needed qualities in them whereas a Guru can impart his knowledge, virtues, habits and powers etc. in a disciple within moments. He told that it was indeed a miracle.
He added that people try to mould others in their own way but they don’t find complete success in it. They ask their  children to do noble and right jobs but the effect is not upto their  expectations. But Sahib Kabir says that a Guru can turn the disciple like his ownself.
What is the special formula for doing so? Even the scientists have not been in a position to understand it. Is there any weightage in saying so? There are evidences to show that such a thing can be done.
Why does man want to have a vision of God? Why does he meditate? This is because he knows that there is some super-power which is the creator of the entire universe and that meditation (concentration) is the only mode that can help him realise Him. That is to say, concentration (Surti) has miraculous powers in it.
Sometimes, people also ask the sages to find through concentration whether they will succeed in their mission or not. It means, the Guru imparts the powers through the medium of concentration. The parents can’t do this job. They can change the structure only but not the individuality. That is why Sahib Kabir repeatedly says-
Paras mein aru santt mein, tu bado antro jaan.
Voh loha kanchan karey, guru ker le aap sman.

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