March 24th, 2013

Roshni scheme: 1.75 lakh applications out of 2.5 lakh settled

JAMMU: A little over 1.75 lakh applications out of 2.5 lakh received under Roshni Act since its inception in Jammu and Kashmir have been settled.
Of 2,54,439 applications seeking ownership rights of state land under Roshini Act, cases of 1,75,369 applicants have been finlaised while 79,070 are pending.
In a written reply to the question of MLA Balwant Singh , the government dwelt on the sailent features of the Act in Legislative Assembly, saing Roshni Scheme of J&K State Lands (vesting of ownership of the occupants) Act 2001 envisages conferring of ownership rights to the occupants of state land and at the same time generating revenue for augmenting the hydropower in the state and other welfare programmes.
In Jammu district, 25,009 applications had been received of which 24,364 were finalized and 645 are pending, in Kathua 18,530 applications were received, of which 11,737 settled; 6,793 are pending, in Rajouri, out of 25,628 applications 21,059 have been settled and 4,569 are pending while in Poonch 21,292 applications out of 22,700 were decided and 1,408 cases are pending.
Similarly in Srinagar, 14,467 applications received, 1,375 finalised and 13,092 are pending for decision, in Anantnag 17,069 applicants approached, of which 12,217 were finalized and 4,852 applications are pending.
In Pulwama, 14,145 applications were received; 3,287 were finalized while 10,858 are still pending, in Kupwara 10,701 applications were received, of which 5,215 were finalized and 546 are pending. In Baramulla 11,950 applicants applied and  4,541 were decided and 7409 are pending.

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