June 25th, 2012


New generation readying to use right to vote for the first time in coming Assembly and Lok Sabha polls, is unaware of the slogan Garibi Hatao that made sentimental waves decades back. Political parties shall search for some new catchy phrases to attract masses. The Aam Aadami slogan has gone stale. What’s  the real intention of political parties? A curt comment came from well-known NRI Steel King Lakshmi Niwas Mittal: By not encouraging industries, the government has a plan to keep poor all the people placed in the category of poor people. Poverty and ignorance make the people unaware of their rights. That’s why, political parties as a norm, feel repulsive of awareness campaigns launched by activists like Anna Hazare and Ramdev. Industrial and Agriculture—both sectors require encouragement. Ironically, children too work in factories environment whereof is hazardous for their health. Putting an end to child labour or implementation of Right to Education are the plans in black pipe lines. Poor people can be easily duped and exploited. Anyway, if Lakshmi Mittal finds it difficult to get clearance for establishment of a project that would bring investment of Rs 1.68 lakh crore, the webs for others can be well imagined. When Lakshmi Mittal was making this critical remark, our Prime Minister was assuring the world that his government would remove all bottlenecks in way of FDI. Could he just call in Mittal, and arrange clearance of the concerned project with single window system put into place by Narendra Modi in Gujarat? Mittal’s criticism has once again to be read along with words of almost every corporate giant complaining of corruption and red tape in the government. Every Indian has to repeat unto himself/herself Narayan Murthy’s words. “As an Indian I feel very sad that we have come to this state”.

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