February 13th, 2012

Parents Worship Day celebrated

JAMMU: To curb the menace of celebrating Valentine’s Day on 14th Feb and in order to save the teenagers and youth of the globe in general and our motherland in particular from the worst ever impact of Valentine’s Day (the western custom); Param Lok Sant Shri Asha Ram Ji Bapu started a campaign all over India and abroad to celebrate Parents Worship Day on 14th February every year to instill and cultivate values like character building, respect for parents, teachers and elders in addition to female sex. According to His Holiness, in the guise of Valentine’s Day (Love day), teenagers are falling prey to Illicit relationship, thereby spoiling their careers and inviting agony and hellish days throughout their life span.
According to a report, in 28 developed nations as many as twelve lakh and fifty thousand virgins (teenagers) in the age group of (13 to 19) years become pregnant.
It would be worth mentioning that Bhagwati Nagar Ashram of Pujya Shri celebrated this day here today with a considerable number of parents and children of Ashram’s Gurukul and Balsanskar Kendra. With lighted lamps, Hawan Samagri and petals, the children worshipped their parents and acquired their blessings presenting a true glimpse of ethics and Indian cultural heritage. Various colourful cultural items depicting the occasion were presented by the kids and children of Gurukul and Balsanskar.
Prior to this the programme was inaugurated by Ashok Khajuria MLA BJP by lighting the lamp. This day is being celebrated in our State at various places ever since 28th Jan, (Basant Panchami). The spokesman further added that this day will be celebrated on 14th Feb, all over India and abroad in various Ashrams, Gurukuls, Balsanskar Centres, private schools and residential places.
Today’s programme was sponsored by Balsanskar Kendra of Bhagwati Nagar Ashram and the expenses occurred on Hawan Samagri etc., were borne by them.

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