February 5th, 2013

Kashmir girls rock band disbanded after Fatwa

SRINAGAR: The music of the all-girl band in Srinagar stopped on Monday a day after Fatwa by the Grand Mufti, only to give way to the clutter created by the religious edict.
The girls band–Pragash–which had given a stage performance in December 2012 to a packed auditorium, was issued a Fatwa yesterday by Grand Priest Mufti Bashir-ud-Din who described such performance by girls as “unislamic.”
The Mufti, citing the instance of the 16th December gangrape of the  23-year-old paramedic in New Delhi, said such horrifisc incidents could get provoked.
The Mufti asked the girls not to demonstrate their singing skills in front of men.
“When girls come in front of young men, can they control their desires,” the Mufti asked.
The Fatwa created a major controversy with most politicians supporting the girls and coming down heavily on attempts to curb freedom of expression.
“We are not against the Mausiki (music). But it should not be adopted as a career and the rock band girls should not perform in front of an unknown audience,” the Grand Mufti told UNI here.
The band is already facing online threats and hate messages in the wake of the reported Fatwa against the Valley’s only all-girls rock band – Praagash.
“It is education not the music that brings success in life. If the girls want to continue with the music, they should do it within their families and relatives but not in the open.
“This (music and singing) is the first step towards bulldosing our moral and Islamic fabric in Kashmir. Only imparting Islamic education alongside modern education, can guarantee success in their life,” the Grand Mufti said.
Referring to the much publicised Delhi gang rape case, he said, “All the bad things happening in the Indian society are because of music. The girls should abstain from such activities and not get influenced by the support of political leadership.
“There are many fields for girls to achieve other than music,” he said adding that girls should remain within their set limits. Asserting that the Government of India had already assessed that one woman is being raped every two minutes in India, the Grand Mufti said, “We are not against independence to girls”.
“Rather they should be encouraged to fight in the society but there are certain limits, which they have to adopt and follow.”
The Grand Mufti also asked the male fraternity to behave sensitively in the society and respect every woman.
He, however, said that no Fatwa was issued to threaten the girls but it was an advice which they must follow. “No religion teaches us to follow vulgarity. It becomes our duty to maintain sanctity of our religion.”

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