December 14th, 2012

Dr Jitendra Kolkata National Endocrine meet

KOLKATA: National Professor of Diabetes and Chairman National Scientific Committee (RSSDI), Dr Jitendra Singh emphasised the importance of keeping under control post-meal and other fluctuations in Blood Sugar levels during the course of a routine day in order to ensure protection of heart, kidneys and eyes from the damaging effect of Diabetes.
Addressing “Endocrine Society of India” (ESI) Annual Meet (ESICON 2012) on its opening day here on Thursday, Singh said in an era when the focus is on ensuring a complication-free life for diabetics, occasional testing of Blood Sugar may not be always sufficient and therefore patients should be taught self-monitoring with the help of Glucometers. Even the average blood sugar reading shown by HbA1C test may not reflect minor post-meal fluctuations, he added.
Referring to dietary advice in diabetes, Dr Jitendra Singh suggested that treating clinicians ought to emphasise dietary “regulation” and not dietary “restriction” for their diabetic patients.
Singh also chaired the symposium on the subject of “Antioxidants” wherein he explained that antioxidants available from natural sources like fruit and vegetables have a definite preventive role in  protecting heart and eyes while the benefit from “synthetic” antioxidants available in form of pharmacological capsules and pills is not always  reliable.
He said patients with diabetes and hypertension should, therefore, consume liberal helpings of fresh natural seasonal vegetables and fibre. The symposium was marked by a lively discussion in which senior members of fraternity and scholars participated.
Singh speaking as an invited expert Faculty at the first academic session of the day which followed soon after a brief inaugural ceremony of the conference which is being attended by a galaxy of foreign experts in the field of Endocrinology and Diabetes as well as some of the top endocrinologists and Diabetologists of India including
Prominent among those who were present included  Dr Anil Bhansali (HOD, PGI, Chandigarh), Dr R.J Dash (Ex-HOD, PGI), Dr Subhankar Choudhary (Kolkata), Dr Ammini (HOD, AIIMS), Dr A.K Das (HOD, JIPMER, Pondicherry), Dr Shashank Joshi (Mumbai), Dr S.V Madhu (NDL), Dr S.K Wangnoo (NDL), Dr G.R Sridar (Vishakapatnam), Dr S.K Singh (HOD BHU, Varanasi), Dr Eish Bhatia (HOD, Lucknow) , Dr Murlidharan (Chd) and Dr D. Maji (Kolkata).

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