August 11th, 2010

Dogri film ‘Maa Ni Mildi’ to be released on 13th August

JAMMU: Yashmi Films International is releasing first coloured Dogri film entitled ‘Maa Ni Mildi’ on 13th August, 2010 at Apsra Theatre Jammu.
Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Amit Choudhary—Producer and hero in the film said that this is a movie which has come after a long wait of 44 years after the first Dogri movie ‘Gallan Hoian Beetian’ which was released way back in the year 1966.
However like the first movie this film has also the local artists, Choudhary said and added that he has scripted the movie based on his own story and narrated that this was his long cherished desire to make a film in his mother tongue Dogri.
Talking to reporters, he said that he has tried the latest film technique in producing this film.
Highly acclaimed Cinematographer—Vijay Meghraj, music director, nationally known singers, choreographer, editor, sound designer, from Bollywood have contributed in the production of this film, he maintained and expressed that he is fully satisfied and happy that the film has come up very well.
He also appealed to the people of this region to contribute to the development of Dogri culture and language by seeing this movie in large numbers and felt confident that this movie will prove to be a first step towards a glorious journey of Dogri film movement.
Choudhary said that he has already completed the script writing of two more Dogri films which he has planned to cast shortly with local artists working in these films.
“This will encourage to create environment of film making in Jammu.
I have taken keen desire to exhibit and showcase Dogra culture, music and beauty of this region through his film. The location shots in this film were Vijaypur, Samba, Nud, Mansar, Bilawar and Mumbai,” he continued.
Local artists including Shashi Bushan, Sonia Mehra, Subash Jamwal, Sapna Soni, Usha Slathia, Natyapal S. Slathia, Karnjeet, Janak Khajuria, Rashmi Kant Khajuria, Raj Singh Jamwal, Janak Bhardwaj, Sashi Vaid, N.S Pathania, Sanjay Sharma, Rajinder Narang, Jaggtar, Sapna, Rajinder Kumar, Tota Jatt, Mohan Sharma, Master Paras, Kanav, Baby Pallavi, Varsha, Prachi, Bunty Majotra and Mohan Singh Slathia have participated in this movie along with Amit Choudhary and Ritu Mehra.
The film has been directed by Roop Sagar who originally belongs to Bilawar but he was the close associate of renowned film Producer / Director Hrishi Kesh Mukerjee, music in the film has been composed by Devinder Rathore and songs have been sung by famous singers Vinod Rathore and Sadhna Sargam. Editing and sound recording have been done in Mumbai.

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