November 23rd, 2012

Distributors snap LPG supply; residents cry hoarse

The distributors in Jammu have finally stopped the home delivery of cylinders to consumers. Adding to the miseries, people here are also not getting new connections following the directions by the Central Government.
After the government decision to limit the subsidy of the LPG cylinders to six per year, the distributors in order to ensure limited subsidised cylinders to the consumers, had taken such step which has created a chaos among the people. The people are not getting new connections, due to the increase in the number of people who have applied for new connections; after the Central Government issued new orders in this regard.
Shivam Gupta, a resident of Shastri Nagar, said, “We are not getting home delivery of the cylinders and there is a chaos, and the decision to stop the home delivery of cylinders has become a big problem for the common people. I have been trying for a cylinder for the past six days. We have just one connection in our name and the companies are also not providing new connection, I do not understand how a common man will survive in these conditions.”
The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has capped the number of subsidised cylinders to be distributed to a consumer at six and had said that any additional cylinder required by the consumer should be bought at the market price. Also the ministry under its one household one cylinder programme, has initiated a move to disconnect multiple connections that consumers have.
Director Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution, Pervez Malik had recently said that the reason of the chaos is only that, 1,25,000 consumers have been blocked in the Jammu region and the reason being these consumers are not the verified customers. They are supposed to fill a Know Your Customer form with which they have to attach a proof of residence and identity. Once everything is verified and the customer himself gets the cylinder booked along with his copy, only then the cylinder will be delivered at the place of the consumer.
While on the other hand, the customers are the most sufferers. Sham Sharma, resident of Panjthirthi said, “It seems as if the government has decided to harass common men of the country. With this decision of price hike and cap on LPG cylinders, the government had added to the miseries of the people. It is only we, the common people who suffer. The government led by UPA has crossed all the limits to harass people.”

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