September 19th, 2012

DDC chair SAB meeting, formulates plans

KATHUA: To discuss plan formulation under SCA to SCSP, SCA to TSP and Art 275(1) for the year 2012-13, District Development Commissioner, Kathua, Zahida Parveen Khan chaired a joint meeting of members of State Advisory Board for Development of Scheduled Castes and Schedule Tribes and officers of various line departments held on Tuesday .
Former Legislators, Hiranagar, Girdhari Lal Chalotra and Dhian Chand were present on the occasion.
It was informed in the meeting that a Rs. 62.44 lakh plan for SCA to SCSP, Rs. 60.66 lakh plan for SCA to TSP and Rs. 34.89 lakh plan under art 275 (i) have been formulated for the year 2012-13.  It was apprised in the meeting that as per guidelines ten percent of allocated funds have been proposed for infrastructural development while ninety percent of the funds for income generating units.
Under SCA to SCSP, Rs. 6.91 lakh have been proposed for agriculture, Rs. 6.81 lakh for horticulture, Rs. 23.63 lakh for animal husbandry, Rs.18.85 lakh for social welfare and Rs. 6.24 lakh have been projected for infrastructural development in the district. Similarly, under SCA to TSP Rs. 7 lakh have been proposed for horticulture, Rs. 14 lakh for agriculture, Rs. 21 lakh for Animal Husbandry, Rs. 6.66 lakh for soil conservation and Rs. 12 lakh have been anticipated for PHE.
The meeting also discussed plan under art 275(1) which has been proposed at Rs. 17.47 lakh for PDD and  Rs. 17.42 lakh for  PHE.

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