February 16th, 2013

AIRHOSTESS’ SUICIDE CASE Geetika’s Jammu born mother commits suicide

NEW DELHI/JAMMU: Mother of Geetika Sharma, the 23-year-old air hostess who committed suicide in August last alleging harassment by the then Haryana Minister and politician Gopal Kanda, on Friday allegedly hanged herself to death.
Anuradha Sharma-a Jammuite was the main complainant in the case against Kanda, who has been in jail on charges of abetting Geetika’s suicide, the family sources said. No suicide note was found at the spot, they said.
Geetika was found hanging in August last year at her home in Ashok Vihar area of the city.
She had accused Kanda, the owner of now defunct airlines MDLR, and his employee Aruna Chaddha of harassing her and said they had forced her to kill herself.
The pain and trauma of Geetika’s mother’s tragic suicide is being felt at Trikuta Nagar, where her brothers received the death of Anuradha with shock and disbelief.
Anuradha used to visit occasionally along with her daughter, Geetika to maternal home. Anura-dha Sharma, a native of Jammu, was married to a New Delhi based businessman in 1988. One of Geetika’s maternal uncle stays in Trikuta Nagar, Jammu while the other has made Panipat his home.

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