January 13th, 2013

Air Chief warns Pakistan of consequences

NEW DELHI : Terming the recent incident of ceasefire violations as totally unacceptable, Indian Air Force Chief N.A.K Browne on Saturday warned Pakistan that if the trend continues India will be forced to consider “other options”.
Talking to media persons on the sidelines of a defence function, the Air Chief also spoke about upholding the honour of India’s troops, like the one who was beheaded.
He said, “I would like to tell all that India will continue to stand up for its soldiers.
“We have a Line of Control, we have a ceasefire agreement, and we have certain mechanisms. We have certain structures, which are sacrosanct, and any violation of these with impunity, especially as what’s been happening in the last few months is totally unacceptable,” he said.
Air Chief Marshal Browne said, “We’re monitoring the situation very carefully because if these things continue the way they are, and the violations continue to take place, then perhaps we may have to consider some other options for compliance.” But he refused to divulge what “other options” may be considered.
“Options are options. We don’t discuss these openly like this. If the violations continue, we may have to look at the whole issue again,” he added.

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